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About us

In 1926 Gino Manzani took over the company “STABILIMENTO TOSCANO” which was already producing gravel tiles.

During  the 1930 there was a wide demand of this type of tiles, both to replace the old bricks and for the new-built structures of that time.

Nowadays work is performed from the heirs with the same features and the same one-time manual skill. Old divisional is still employed  in the workshop, to create, as in the past years, decoration made of gravel and concrete pastries.

Manufacturing is rigorously handmade and the colours, in the various shades, and designs are made on the customer request. Passion and experience of Manzani Graniglie – Gravel tiles are at your disposal to realize your floor.

Manzani Graniglie – Gravel tiles from Pontassieve is a manufacturer company in Tuscany qualified in floors made of concrete pastries and  concrete pastries tiles for antique floors. Contact us with no obligation for a estimate and for restoration work of antique floors made of gravel and concrete.

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