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Bordures 20 x 20

Typical handmade product, our tiles are made one at time wisely mixing concrete multi coloured pastries and marble granulates. Slight irregularities in the design and light wide range of hues are the expression of this manual skill and they bestow to the whole a matchless colour.

Available both for floors made of gravel and for floors made of concrete pastries, in the various combination of colours.

Bordo Caramella

Bordo Croce di Malta

Bordo Dadino

Bordo Dadone

Bordo Dadone con ombra

Bordo Edera

Bordo Esse

Bordo Giglio

Bordo Greca

Bordo Ondina

Bordo Righe

Bordo Salamino

Bordo Sigarino

Bordo Treccina

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